Jing Xu, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Department of Kinesiology

email: jing.xu@uga.edu

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Joshua Pascal, M.S.

Research Professional

Clinical rehabilitation is one of my research interests. My mother and grandfather both have arthritis so it has been an inspiration for me to work with clinical populations. Another major interest of mine is sports biomechanics. I have always loved sports and I want to get involved in helping athlete enhance their performance.

One of my short-term career goals is to continue developing my skills as a researcher. I would also like to gain more experience working with various populations. A long-term goal is to work with clients who suffer from oarthritis to help improve their quality of life. Additionally, I aspire to work with collegiate and professional athletes.

Aishwarya Venkataraj

Research Assistant

Master's in Computer Science

email: av99869@uga.edu